Having finally got to the point in my life where my OCD is offset neatly by my Attention Deficit Disorder –and vice versa – so that now, like most people, I start to tidy my desk and line things up neatly, then get bored with it and go on to do something more interesting, I can finally get around to doing the stuff I really want to do. WELCOME to SRBrookImages.

I enjoy the whole process of image-making (taking pictures), from selecting the equipment for a particular project, to the process with the camera, its settings and choice of lens, to the post-production of the RAW image, be it simple or complex – all a most enjoyable experience.

I admire so many artists, painters, photographers and musicians from many and varied styles and genres, and I suppose I am influenced and informed by them, but that is far too complex and boring to go into here.

I try to document my world, and also tell a story. I do produce works – like the flower portraits – that simply please me as images, but I am not above a bit of social commentary if I feel the urge. Along with a photograph or two or more, I occasionally write about the things that impress or annoy me. Hence, the Bloggery.

While use of any image on this site for any reason without my permission is prohibited, I am a very approachable chap, so please do ask if you like something, and would like to use it. Often, for use on the web, just a credit will do. Anything else, from prints on canvas or photographic paper, to use of a high-quality electronic copy, we can discuss and negotiate. Thanks!