Autumn. One of my favourite seasons. My other favourite times of the year are Winter, My Birthday, Christmas, Spring and Summer. But Autumn this year so far has been so – well – mellow, really, that I have started an ‘Autumn2012’ Portfolio here on the site, to which I will add over the next couple of weeks as the occasions occur. Just hoping now for a spectacular Winter. My Birthday, I already have plans for.

The colours are so nice at the moment, and the atmosphere so pleasant, that I didn’t even mind the soft rain that enfolded me as I enjoyed my morning walk today. And a couple of days ago it was stunningly beautiful, with all the colours of Autumn on display along a 100-mile stretch of the M4. Makes you feel so good to be alive.

Which makes the presence of rubbish and the evidence of vandalism harder to bear. I walk and wander around the sub-, semi-urban and rural areas where I live and the levels of vandalism and littering are high. The little river running through the field behind my home is full of junk. Then this...

Lost, One Bike – dumped in the middle of a really nice field – oh, and the back wheel was stamped on, just for the hell of it. Defacing the countryside, stealing property, then destroying it. A favourite summer pastime. What fun they must have had. Lost – stolen more like – and ruined – one bike.

Of course, as children, we have all taken part in mindless destruction, but this turns out to be a bit more than a spray of paint. It’s not even a particularly deprived area. But, the less intelligent chavs and scrotes seem to specialize in this sort of thing.

And so to the inevitable end…

…Bikremation. The last sad and almost final remains of a cremated bike. Like the dehydrated skeleton of a dead horse, collapsed by a watering hole. Why, why, why?

Anyway, enough of the rant. Next time you see this sort of thing, take some pictures and publicize it. Get some righteous anger going. We’ll never stop this, but it really gives us something to moan about.

The world, of course, should look like this...

On a lighter note, I have now tried the warm cheese and tomato croissant referred to in my last post. It was excellent.